Coastal Flooding

Coastal flooding affects all of Wisconsin's coastal communities to some degree, but is more prevalent when storms occur in low-lying areas during periods of high water levels. These resources help local officials and property owners better address coastal flooding.


Lake Level Viewer
This interactive map visualizes the extent of rising and falling water levels along the shores of the Great Lakes from six feet about average lake levels to six feet below in one foot increments. It includes the ability to explore the impact of rising water levels on vulnerable populations and businesses. Only areas with existing topographic and bathymetric lidar data are mapped. This leaves out some areas of the Wisconsin shore.
NOAA Office for Coastal Management

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Integrated Nowcast/Forecast Operation System (INFOS)
INFOS combines real-time observations from various sources to create nowcasts and forecasts that help visitors to the Great Lakes make safe decisions about swimming and other water sports.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, 1975 Willow Drive FL 2, Madison, WI 53706-1177 ph 608-262-0905
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