The maps section of the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas serves as a gallery of interactive maps illustrating coastal issues facing Wisconsin.


Coastal Heritage Tourism

This interactive map encourages travelers to explore the many natural and cultural attractions found on the rural roads and downtown streets that hug Wisconsin's Lake Michigan and Lake Superior coasts.
Wisconsin Sea Grant

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Wisconsin Great Lakes Coastal Access Viewer

This interactive map shows public access sites to the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. Zoom in to identify individual public access sites and click on a site to learn about its amenities.
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

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Coastal Communities Overview

The interactive map provides information about the 15 counties, 22 cities, 17 villages and 51 towns that border Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Hover over communities to quickly compare their population and click on a community to center in the map display and bring up a menu to access their government website, interactive map, plans and ordinances.
Wisconsin Sea Grant

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Fox Wolf Hydrologic Dashboard

The Fox-Wolf Hydrologic Dashboard links maps and data to visualize how large storm events impact the watershed of the Fox and Wolf Rivers in northeastern Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Sea Grant

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Great Lakes Nautical Charts

Nautical charts for the Great Lakes are available in many digital formats from the NOAA Office of Coast Survey. Learn about nautical cartography and how nautical charts are updated.
NOAA Office of Coast Survey


Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer

Explore how the Great Lakes coasts of Wisconsin have changed from 1976 to 2017 by viewing oblique photos and classification of beach and bluff conditions.
Association of State Floodplain Managers

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Lake Level Viewer

This interactive map visualizes the extent of rising and falling water levels along the shores of the Great Lakes from six feet about average lake levels to six feet below in one foot increments. It includes the ability to explore the impact of rising water levels on vulnerable populations and businesses. Only areas with existing topographic and bathymetric lidar data are mapped. This leaves out some areas of the Wisconsin shore.
NOAA Office for Coastal Management

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Coastal Bordner Survey Explorer

This interactive map displays land use, buildings and economic features from the 1930s extracted from Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory maps, also known as the Bordner Survey and allows comparison with current conditions. The map covers all coastal counties in Wisconsin except Milwaukee.
Forest Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology Lab, UW-Madison and Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

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Wisconsin Flood Risk Mapping Application

This interactive map includes river flood status, weather advisories, current and forecast precipitation and community facilities and vulnerability.
Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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Wisconsin Web Mapping Sites
Wisconsin Local Government Web Mapping Sites
Wisconsin Sea Grant 
Click on a map of Wisconsin counties and quickly access county interactive web mapping sites. Links to municipal web mapping sites and local goverment web mapping services are also available.

MODIS Today (Satellite Imagery), Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison

WisconsinView, Wisconsin-Today [Terra MODIS True Color], [Aqua MODIS True Color], [S-NPP VIIRS True Color], [S-NPP VIIRS Night Band], [16-day Cloud-free MODIS Composite], WisconsinView

Wisconsin Current Water Conditions
U.S. Geological Survey
This interactive map provides real-time information on water conditions in Wisconsin. Three tabs cover surface water, groundwater and water quality information.

Regional Land Information, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Wisconsin Public Access Lands, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Interactive Web Mapping Applications, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office and Robinson Map Library

Control Finder, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

Pronounce Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office and

Demographic Mapping, Applied Population Lab, UW-Madison

Great Lakes Web Mapping Sites
Great Lakes Sea Lamprey Control Map
Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Great Lakes Commission
This interactive map identifies the upstream and downstream effects of dams and dam removal on sea lamprey populations in the Great Lakes.

Satellite-Derived Great Lakes Remote Sensing
Michigan Tech Research Institute
Products include Lake Surface Temperature, Natural Color Imagery, Harmful Algal Blooms, Chlorophyll, Dissolved Organic Carbon, and Suspended Minerals.

Great Lakes Cladophora Mapping
Michigan Tech Research Institute
View satellite-derived Submerged Aquatic Vegetation maps for Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Mapping
Michigan Tech Research Institute
A comprehensive wetland delineation of the Great Lakes coasts that includes two significant coastal wetland stressors - development and invasive plant species.

SiGL: Science in the Great Lakes
U.S. Geological Survey
This interactive map and data discovery tool promotes coordination of scientific monitoring and research efforts.

Great Lakes Boater's Forecast, Great Lakes Observing System

Great Lakes Nearshore Buoy Network, Great Lakes Observing System 

Great Lakes Surface Currents Map, Great Lakes Environmental Lab

Great Lakes Portal, National Weather Service

Great Lakes Ice Cover, National Weather Service-Cleveland

Great Lakes Restoration at Work, Great Lakes Commission

Great Lakes Restoration Success Stories Map, Healing Our Waters - Great Lakes Coalition

National Web Mapping Sites
NOAA National Ocean Service
NowCOAST provides users with displays of the latest surface weather and NOAA forecast models, as well as links to coastal and ocean observing networks.

National Shoreline Data Explorer
NOAA National Geodetic Survey
View various NOAA shoreline products, including the Continually Updated Shoreline Product, national shoreline, raster T-sheets, and raster nautical charts.

Project Map
NOAA Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program (DARRP)
An interactive map that displays the locations of oil spills, hazardous waste sites, or ship groundings where NOAA DARRP is working to protect and restore natural resources.

Marine Protected Areas Data Viewer
NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center
This interactive map displays boundaries and provides access to the marine protected area data inventory. Attributes include conservation-based classification data and site management information.

National Map
U.S. Geological Survey
The National Map Viewer and Download Platform allows users to visualize, inspect, and download all eight primary data themes of The National Map (Elevation, Orthoimagery, Hydrography, Geographic Names, Boundaries, Transportation, Structures, and Land Cover).

Flood Event Viewer
U.S. Geological Survey
This interactive map provides access to sensor and high water mark data from the USGS Short-Term Network (STN) database. One of the featured events includes the July 2016 flood in northern Wisconsin.

Synthetic Household Population Viewer
RTI for the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study
This interactive map examines how age, income, race, and household size vary across the landscape. 

National Weather Maps
National Weather Service
A collection of interactive maps for different weather-related topics

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